Monday, August 1, 2011

The Importance of Reaching Out

This morning I found this note in my spam files. Kevin was in the first workshop I taught in New Mexico over 20 years ago. I am a big believer in sending letters and notes to people to show gratitude and appreciation. To also say I care and to check in with those we love.
Write a note a make a difference in someones life and the karma will be yours back two fold.
My gift is having amazing students prosper and shine.
Thank you Kevin for taking the time to care for me.
Reaching out puts great energy in the world, a smile and something simple like a note can shift a persons energy lighter.

"Over 20 years ago (June 1990) I took a workshop with you @ Santa Fe. I just stumbled upon your website (glad to see you are still shooting and making wonderful images!) and viewed the short video of your Santa Fe Mag shoot. It was like a refresher course - and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing that today, and thank you for sharing in 1990.
You and your work were inspirational for me then, and now."
All the best,

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