Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aldous Huxley

The truth can set you free.
I have a knack for seeing the truth in images.
I can tell you all about the people in the frame.
Whose happy, whose sad, whose in love, health issues, the story.
It's a curse and a blessing to have this gift of seeing.
Don't buy into words.
Buy actions that give results.
 Choose well and wisely or you will play the fool in your life. 
It's a good rule to make people feel the way you want to feel end of day.
Be kind and don't bite the hook as recommended by Pema Chodron.  
Some people are never happy.
It's not our job to rescue 24/7.
Like a drowning person you go to help and they pull you down too.
I have been on both sides of this and can tell you none of it elevates joyful living.
It completely drains your life force.    
Avoid those pit falls if you can.
Hold your light close and consciously share with good intent when your able.
Always love but we are not a well of energy to just out put all the time.
Conserve and love accordingly I say.

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