Sunday, December 29, 2013

Riding HIGH

New Mexico Magazine - Design Edith Dillman
Home In Every Moment Cherished

I have always been able to adapt from the suburbs, to NYC to the back county of any National Park. 
 I enjoy camping as my family instilled it early on in our lives.
A four star hotel, easy breezy.
I can go from Prada to Dickie's and engineer boots in a blink.
Part of my daily life is tending to chores on my farm.
Its part of my meditation to awaken and care for what is present.
Coffee brewing, a little emailing, work boots up an on to head out feed and shovel up what the critters leave behind!  Its all good.
I love leaving my place for work as well...puts a healthy spin on being grateful for what I have created in my life.
A family, friends, truth, beauty and a very live habitat.
Sometimes too much life as one of my hound dog pups nudges on me with her cold nose to "GET UP."
 Bettie; like a two year old....lets play can be a force of nature.
Dogs eat about 6am and the rest follow.
One cat; Tommy our sweet Siamese.
Winter things here are dormant, lots of shades of gray.
Tortoise's that don't hibernate generally stay in there hut on warming mattes.
Chickens are free ranging
And always the Sand hill Cranes linger in our region.
Sunsets and sunrises they clatter and seek shelter on the Rio Grande.
Occasionally they land in our yard. 
Its an awesome sight.  Fills your heart with wonder every time!
2013 is about to close.
Some things never change.
Makes you realize the need for growth in one s own life.
Photographers often live longer due to the ever changing subject matter.
Always having to consider options for a better image.
Curious natures nurturing creative content.
I'm not sure I want to live as long as some do, especially when you have to freelance for sustainability. 
 It's a tough place to be in our climate.
I am grateful for today.
Riding in the woods behind my house makes a light heart.
Grateful for the support of my photography by many.
Wishing you all a great much needed New Year.
Reality check in.
The four agreements always a good staple.
Actions speak louder than words.
It really is what we do, not what we say that counts.
I have produce a lot of work the last five years.
Gifted plenty of images to all those I have photographed.
It s a full time job just being honorable to say the least.
I am on a project now that needs my full attention.
I m looking for funding all the time to complete these projects.
I've invested all my flow into these books, now its time to make them happen more or just leave this career behind.
Like make the product and if you can't get it to market what is the point?
So many books on line.
Publishers needed: 

Be Honorable People
2 0 1 4
Trust me when I say a tiger never looses it's stripes!
People will always tell you who they are by their actions.
Be a tiger of truth and kindness...

grrrr baby !


  1. someday can I come visit? I'll make the coffee. (shovel shit too)

    PS how do I enlarge the font, hard to read with these ol' eyes.

  2. Karen, you can do a kickstart campaign to get funding to complete your project, if all your friends (some of them even and people you don't even know) pitched in you could do it. Set a goal girl I will be the first to contribute!

  3. Thanks Nancy, if on a mac you hit command and the plus sign and you can enlarge. Holding out on that kickstarter idea for a little bit more. Hoping a patron will see a few more months of work so I can be less stressed by funds.