Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ARTIST Vicki Teague-Cooper

"I just had the most transcendent experience being photographed by my friend Karen Kuehn. Karen is the High Priestess of photography. She is a professional who has done it all--famous people, magazines, ads, books, the works. We both lived in the East Village in NYC, but did not meet until I moved here to New Mexico & we met about 15? years ago when she was teaching a class for the Santa Fe Photography Workshops. We lost touch, but recently reconnected & she asked if I would be her 'demo' subject for this year's workshop class. These are a small sample of the amazing results! she did about 600 shots over a 3-hour session with her 6-7 students observing/helping)"

This week I took my class to Vicki Teaque-Cooper's home. We were welcomed with a big heart and open arms by both Vicki and her husband Steve. I like doing at least one demo in a subjects home for students as it helps them to see the process of meeting someone and how I see and feel about spaces and subjects within their familiar habitat as I call it.

Art everywhere, best describes Vicki s home, texture and abundance for a photographer to play with and make imagery to best tell a story about their sweet soul. Vicki is engaging and her eyes are captivating, married 40 years to Steve they felt so connected and in love with ease and more appeal than most I've met. He was thoughtful and generous and more than supportive of her needs. We really had a wonderful few hours here at their home.

After departing a day later Vicki came to my class and reviewed the work, phew she was happy!
I really care that the subject does in fact like some of the images before we release them publicly. Its always good to create a buzz and amp up a true talent and I believe we did do this with our subject. Putting a little fire under a huge talent can only elevate their mood and sense of artistry. When you live in remote places sometimes you forget that others really adore your work and see the huge MOJO you naturally carry. Vicki is an incredible talent and it is a privilege to be welcomed in her home. And I still have a piece of her art work from 20 years ago when I started working with the Santa Fe Photography Workshops.

Thank you to my class and the artist Vicki Teaue-Cooper

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