Thursday, October 6, 2011


(you don't have to try to be anything else but you)

My family brand I've adapted to my look for photography. I branded have branded my portfolios over the years with a variation of my dads cattle brand from Oregon. Its a very impressive piece of iron, not like the normal ones you see it has a sheath over the handle for comfort is such activities. City folks are use to buying deluxe cuts from shops like Dean & Deluca in NYC or farmers markets on the weekends and such. We grow our beef and I know what is put into them to sustain my family. It may sound off to those who have not witnessed raising cattle but or use and most country folks its not unusual. My cattle have a fine life, loving and fed well and to take them to a processing is not so outrageous if you consume meat and wear leather shoes and coats. Its very kind and simple. I won't get into details but by all means find the book
"Day in the Life of the American Woman"
I photographed a female butcher that enlightened me and my practices.
Once vegan; I have returned to modest portions of meat eating.
Its always easy to be a critic by I feel to live my life quietly and by example to my son has served us best. Animals on my farm are part of our family while they are with us and loved and treated with respect. They are honored in their passing with thanks and grace.
One day at a time.

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