Monday, October 10, 2011

Christopher Rowland

photograph of Chris

An Artist Heart

I say this daily and live it. I could run around to events about art but than I'd never get anything done! Being in a relationship also can suck all the life out of your art if your not careful.
No one s fault but your own. Finding a balance for love and art are tricky but often I find my peers comments helpful inspiration to continue the sacred path of one's vision.
Chris is such a person, always emersed in creating and pondering life, nature, beauty and juggling his love of others with a need to tell a story or portray the people at hand.
A compass is a great tool, some of us have it and many do not.
I touched by his words and will continue to share the sweet sentiments of a blessed and grateful mans heart and being.
"When I walk into a dimly lit room and I turn on the light, I am attracted to the things illuminate by this light...If we can understand our presence here and love ourselves fully we began to shine our light on others...forgiveness of oneself and taking care to understand that we are a "Master Work" of art Divinely created in perfection, becomes in itself a portal of light. How can we truly love anyone if we cannot love ourselves, and see how magnificent we are created? FOCUS on your attributes. Light is a messenger. You are Light. Enjoy the process!"

paintings by Christopher Rowland copyright

"My life is my Art always a mission statement for me and goal.
Wake up and make things, share them and show up for yourself."
Sweeter is my life sharing it.

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