Monday, December 12, 2011



Artist: Rob Buchholz
and his crew get stranded at my place during a snow storm en route to NY.
Installing his nest piece from Burning Man 2009 where I met him one dusty day.
Lets say we had a few spa days...not a bad way to hang.
Seriously we had to do the dishes in one of the tubs while I was re plumbing the farm sink. Rob volunteered to shower and clean at the same time....Our funny life full of joy.

Like a Japanese painting I see this as shapes instead of dirty dishes

Father and son James/Aaron helping me rework the farm kitchen

I was wanting a Viking of Wolfe stove/oven when this Wedge Wood found its way into my home.
A super find and were cookin up a storm here this winter.

Soup by Eleanor Preger this weeks workshop student from Incline Lake Tahoe

Thanks to Photography

I meet so many people on the road and while your planning some big life...LIFE is actually happening to me all the time with shifts and shakes...when you think you have nailed it ...don't sit down for too long.....something will nudge your world ...always for the better I say.
What plan....I have none. Controlling one's life is boring....for some it works well...same job, same partner, same old stuff all the time...That has never been my world.... I always thought my life as an artist would be so different ...that drive that makes you produce easily,,,with a passion and hunger for the creation at a days end....
Actions are what moved to make things happen.
Wait for no one or you will loose your Spirit.
An artist heart must manifest things all the time.
Mingling and meeting people is one of my favorite things to do.
Doors open all the time when your intent is good.
Never a dull moment being a photographer in the world.
Today...North bound to meet an artist and a foundry owner.
Its always an adventure when you focus on the positive.
Your glass will be more than full.
God Speed

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