Monday, December 19, 2011


photo courtesy of Nimpitja Gyuto House Australia

The ghanta (Sanskrit) or dorje drilbu (Tibetan) bell, tantric instrument held in the left
handof monks as they chant - it represents the perfection of wisdom and emptiness.

I never bank on hearsay. Believe what you know to be true. We can't control how others interpret our images...if they decide to see and feel negative feelings or create stories that are not as the artist has intended than that is their nature. Not yours. Once I took some children to see some Rosenberg exhibit in NYC and I had all the kids tell me what they saw in his work. It was pure and honest. Adults come with baggage and create stories that somehow are in part supporting a pattern, good bad indifferent. What role do you create in your life...the hero, the victim, the sage...who are you really? I feel like the student learning and feeling daily...compassion for those whom are stuck and in for those whom have conquered with full awareness of their being by being in the moment with love and grace.

Today I heard a story that was only half truth, knowing the truth I thought wow...some people really like to play to the down sad.....Create a positive life experience and you will have it. Just asking oneself how can I make my life better? What do I want in my life? What are the steps to create the life I want is a positive step toward being more creative and light.
Writing down ideas and concepts creates change and forward thinking.

Art for me is about manifesting ...I have an idea on my table now...its huge....probably will cost tons to make into reality but baby steps....a drawing, words, calls for materials, make a model and get a quote from a fabricator on costs.....its all in the works because I believe this idea will inspire others to be accountable and full of love and gifting good energy into the world with a fertile idea to come true. This is the way visionary things happen, stirred with a joyful energy and with ease. I know many people whom create with ease and spew out ideas .....its not difficult at just happens. Now a timeline will unfold and maybe I can make a deadline, maybe not...but with gentle stride I will move toward the birthing of a valid and beautiful project that can occupy space for inspiration for all.

If your unhappy with your story change it...I did and I choose health and is abundant and thoughtful in my life. I pray for all peoples to find peace in their Spiritual journey.
I have surrendered to accept the things I can not change and find abundance in my present moment. Money can 't buy love, so if your stuck in a rut over that ebb and flow maybe we have to accept and push harder to find peace....however those I know in the rat wheel seem hardly peaceful or happy. I was there and now I am stepping forward one day at a time with ease and my spirit knows this is my and love, poetry is in the living daily with laughter, tears and awareness. Native culture has a saying " to feel is to know your alive" sometime feeling is too alive for us so be gentle with yourselves.

In art I find it very telling how humans interpret the vision before them...those who find the negative are usually less enlightened for the bigger lessons and those who find the light in even the darkest corner are by far more open to live and are not gripped by the material rather moved for the poetry that is before them....ever present. Those people are the ones that sage our way forward. Pay attention....or you will just repeat your less attractive patterns and never really find true happiness. Maybe those folks want to wallow in pity and need for attention....that is not a story to nurture....feed the love and get the love, starve it and you will remain on empty.

Good luck with all the ways you see the world and art before you. Find the joy and lessons or live miserably. Good luck with your choices. Accountability is always a tricky thing with fragile egos.
We as humans are all things that matter in an immediate reactive state, however the planet, animals, others are of equal value.  Lets not forget that every action gets a reaction.  Its in this that we can investigate if need be?  If someone is angry at you...well maybe you did something to alienate yourself from them, maybe you unconsciously sabotaged your situation or your just plain old chicken to deal with the matter at hand?  A number of things makes humans do, say and be.  A happy heart is a honest heart.  For those who become collateral damage due to others actions...well...its your choice to stay with it or depart.  If their is no win end of the tunnel I say leave....and if the win is a boobie prize...well you reap what you sew.  Why settle for less?  Think kind and think true.

Sending love to all sentient beings.


A movie recommend that can help you manifest is the secret...I have been doing these ideas for years so when this film aired I was glad to see it for its a tool for those whom need a push toward enlightening their personal lives.

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