Sunday, July 8, 2012

MetropoLOVE Almost Public

A project that went on hold for over two years is finally coming to completion.
The last three months has been about crafting it all into one book project I call MetropoLOVE. 
Looks like a pressing of a 1000 copies may happen this fall along with another project to be shot this summer.  I'm super stoked to have major big time angels caring for my soul.
Dark room is in full gear..its been a long process for me this time.  Not really me at all...I've always be in go mode for completing art and this is the first time I've been derailed.  This week were scanning all the 4x5 negatives of the artist work to place in the book and I have to complete the 120 film proofs to see what gems may be added/and or traded for digital files. I shot both and see the value in all the mediums.
My darkroom here in Peralta NM
Laura Kimpton Art negs
Prints shipping out to contributors

shipping daily to subjects and contributors

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