Friday, July 20, 2012

Right To Bear Arms

In The Darkness of The Economy

I fear the future for depressed and varied will be the state of many minds.
No jobs
No self worth
All a bad cycle that can push a persons soul to extreme behavior.
Look round people, feed your friends, give someone a job.
See how you can make a difference to avoid such disaster.
The right to bear arms doesn't mean you can take innocent people's lives.
It means you can defend your life, your family's if backed against a wall.
A sad day for the community, family and state of of affairs here in America.
A spoiled and prevelage country full of abundance and starvation.
People need to feel useful, needed and of value.
Reaching out to at least one other person with care can make a ripple of love felt.
Make a difference best you can.
Prayers going out to all those whom have suffered loss.
Half masked are our HEARTS.

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