Monday, March 4, 2013

Laird Hovland ARTIST

photographs by karen kuehn


"Not only was the photo session with Karen a uniquely superb laugh-riot, the resulting photographs were overwhelmingly gorgeous, capturing both emotional whimsy and also great depth. Her enchanting manner put me at ease, and that reads in the resulting portraits."
 Laird Hovland

"Karen is an editor's dream – a photographer with the passionate eye of an artist and a rock-solid work ethic. She approached us almost decade ago with her idea to shoot naturally-lit, black & white portraits of New Mexico artists.
The pitch turned into brainstorming, then a double-page ongoing feature that we titled Portrait of an Artist. How Karen convinces her subjects to open up enough for her to capture such piercing and personal images is still a mystery after all these years.
But what I never need to wonder about is whether she'll run out of artists to shoot. Not Karen.

 Not in this decade."
Scott Blackwell
Publisher Around 505

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