Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Artful Heart

The Creative Heart
Positive energy makes things flow.
It doesn't matter what the art is, but rather the making of it manifested.
To create and feel the joy and reflect inside and out is all that really counts.
To be in the moment blooming your internal feeling.
It feels good to make things.
You don't have to be labeled artist to be loving and creative.
I garden all the time and this cultivation of helping things bloom becomes equally important in the processes of artful endeavors.
Simply styling oneself can be a creative.
A dinner magnified with a simple theme to please!
Making a home shrine for heath, healing and love.
All things considered we can amplify love by creating and sharing it.
Be the love you want.
Give yourself amble time to make things shine in your life.
Photography is my main creative medium.
Being artistic has been first nature for decades.
The gift is the presence of those many beautiful people who forever rein in a captured moment. 
 I realized many years ago that I am a messenger of some sort and in the last few years I got a message from the Universe for my purpose.
It shouted loud and clear to stick with my Artistic Path.
Don't get side tracked with other peoples needs and whims.
The path is very real, honor it.
I continue to library life with a passion for it.
I breath it with my soul.
I see the light and the humor in life.
Grants rarely come for the Joyful capture.
But it seems fitting to continue this journey of lightness.
If all artist do the dark than we feed it and the fire is all about that less illuminated edge.
I am okay with the lighter side. 
 Plenty of dedicated souls to expose humanity's realm of hellish things.
My life is my art, I say it all the time.
My mantra for the moment that brings my world into a peaceful place.
Cease the moment every awake minute you can.
So temporary this life of ours.
So fragile.
The very two emotions we humans can choose to live by
Fear and/or Love.
We get to feel both at times no doubt!
I say be smart and watch your back, when your successful their will be those whom support it.
And those who will latch onto your light for a ride.
It is those very people whom can suck the life out of you that need the love most.
However I think you have to find your way to render love in a healthy way as to not loose yourself for those souls.
That is why therapy is so good and sober thinking.
Its not the artist job to give up all their love for those whom are searching and seeking.   
Choose love with a healthy respect for any red flags that will stop you from making art with your joyful heart.
Feed the love in you by creating and it will reflect to all including you.
One art day at a time.
Being accountable is being in an awaken state of love. 

Namaste to the Art in All of YOU    



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  2. Dear Anonymous...so great this link..thank you. Hal Wilner is an old pal and it made me reach out to him...Your booty or your bounty I say. Namaste