Friday, November 11, 2011



While getting my photography education at Art Center School of Design I was introduced to Susan Goldman, an upper term photographer embracing still life. She wasn't the ordinary shooter, she was brilliant with her mindful ways. Concepting shots came easy to her and I found her work intriguing as it was always sort of WOW and mysterious in the same breath.
Still she gets me every time, I ponder her website....years of experience that no new be can have for she is so finessed in her skills and point of view that moving some item just a hair this way or that can make a nuance of feeling for the view more hungry or craving just more.
Susan Goldman is not just one of my best friends, she is living her life artfully and daily inspires me by everything she is and has become. For me its not a tribute but a deeply heart felt love and adoration I have for my friend, an artist , Goddess and one of the most beautiful souls I know.
She has been my shoulder, my sage, my rock as a gal pal.
We seldom see each other the past few years but I feel her presence in my heart daily.
I miss her and am grateful for her love.
There is nothing boring or stale about my friend.
Always an adventure she moves with grace in this lifetime, gentle and her vision is precise to the point with soft and silken eyes....Everything feels cozy and pretty and makes me smile.
I love this woman with all my soul and she is the bomb in Epicurean Capture.
Check her out. Better yet hire her.

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