Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fountain of Youth


A photographers life is all suspect to the adventures that trickle in their lives daily! The phone rings and a job is on the table.

l. Can you go to Camden Maine, Greece, swim with dolphins, cruise to the islands....
2. Want to shoot Muhammad Alie, child prostitutes, homeless folk, twins, you name it?
3. Here's a huge ad Campaign can you handle it, Master Card, Allegra, button up and hang loose?
4. How about photographing all the elder surfers for Surfing for Life for the NY Times Magazine
Go on a week to HI for a surf story? Who wouldn't even if it did drown my gear at least my assistant survived that wave. (the list is endless and abundant)

One day your meeting scientist like Lynn Margulis and the next John Glenn, the Neville Brothers, whistle blowers,and design greats like Tibor Kalman and Phillip Stark. Children riddled with disease yet a smile on their face, soldiers heading to war along side family members or Julia Child's with a giant cooking whip.....one of those shots I wish she were wearing latex....but what memories and adventures into the lives of hundreds of interesting people. My list is ridiculously long and it continues still. Why wouldn't a photographer want to keep going on and on in their life career. A dream job that has benifit my family and friends all the time.
I love strangers, the stories behind the people. Rarely do I find anyone boring.
Boring to me is doing the same thing over and over to the point of insanity.
Your point of view must change all the time....360 degrees of view as my friend Sarah Davidson has said many a time....walk around it , get away from it and take a break from it to see a-fresh.
If you do what you've always done you will get what you've always got. If that works for you and some it does work...those who specialize in one type of light or way of seeing can bank on it. For me I need invention and energy to see anew, to co create for clients and my self with others. It's in this, that the adventure can come forth in true form. Here is where ones vision can be fresh instead of stagnant.

I live on a farm....I lived in NYC for 16 years....talk about abundance! That city is rich with a plethora of experiences to be had by all....Art and love and creative essence shared. I can't believe that I lived with in NYC for so long....absorbing all the information overload that cities have to offer. I found all the good stuff and I saw plenty less easy on the eyes and heart, however...always learning and applying for the that is my nature. If you seek the bad maybe you are just into negative energy....If you see the light...than God Speed. Creating isn't destroying. For me, creation flows not un-like a river. When its stuck we have to un-dam it to let it meander down at its own pace, or leave it in peace to stew and become any of many points of view...you choose. Well wishes always for the cycle of water is to evaporate and refill our mountains and streams...were all just a part of something bigger so make that time here full of love and laughter and real feelings...all feelings are good...just choose the ones that create health and wellness. Clinging on to what isn't working just becomes stale and old and boring. If your life is such than only you are truly to accountable...but that is key most are not accountable for there part in creating their conundrum's. I can't blame anyone nor do I want to for my life experiences good and bad I choose to find clarity and art and love in my personal fountain, hence this is many artist life styles....the youth is given back for daring to live beyond social barriers and status quo. For this I send love to all those whom suffer. I wish for safe passage to a health and happiness.
Now on a farm my senses are more attune to every sound, smell, taste and season , more than most and in an unusual way. Its sort of a poetic blessing and curse. A doctor friend of mine as repeatedly labeled me earth momma. Its true every sensation is felt to my core.
It's the feelings that make me aware that my life is more about messaging ....I get side tracked on other peoples projects....love and matters of the heart but always I have found a sanctuary of artful abundance in my work.

Two emotions rule human actions...Fear or Love. Which one do you operate on for your life? I have always surrendered to love. Its not always the right path but it is huge with imperfection and lessons to create a better path for living fully.

"It's all good when you choose to allow the truth of your life to exist."

We are just animals and biologically at best. Hopeless accounts of desiring love, usually the Universe gives us opportunity for lessons to learn.....never boring but at times grueling.
I wouldn' t trade a day of the love that has occurred in my life. I have been blessed with the best lessons of love. Sacred are the Souls of others and when they one day awaken to your soul as sacred the lessons are learned and mirrored.

We stumble along the path and make new friends and always when your Spirit is bright the others whom see it ....attach to what they so need and want....Protect yourselves and give accordingly but don't loose your essence for a drowning souls need to be saved. You will sink and so will your art. Your heart and the energy brought forth must be cycled for that is real.
Find the good and clarity comes in clean water. Clarity is in the calm of being true to your self.
To show up for yourself. In your heart, your art and your life. One week left how do you want to spend it and who and where to do you want to have that life? For me I see a circle and a fire of love and life with all my family and friends....in water we surf, on land we love and eat and in private I love the lover who can surf a real wave of life and have my back with grace and ease of a warrior.

My fountain of youth is working as a photographer/ artist meeting people and wandering the world. This feeds my soul with love and gratitude in which I fully give back to all that are in my inner circle and those whom I break bread.

Hang Ten Namaste

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