Wednesday, November 23, 2011

National Portrait Gallery

David M Kennedy and Nicholas Herrera


Two of my favorite artist pals slipped out of New Mexico to present many of Davids images to the curator of this establishment. I am so proud of him as my friend first. He grumbles with life and love issues like many of us and still like the turtle he will win the race.
He's work is breath taking. When the going gets rough I look to him and see inspiration.
He is steady moving toward what matters.
One minute you think its love and the next its the lesson and than the artist in his own way translates life observations in space, time and light onto papers that you want to dive into and swim with the image that is resonating with your heart.
David has spent many years working in America, documenting Indian dances and celebs and just plain ole country folk. Always authentic and down to earth.
He is my brother Spirit and dear friend ....he draws a line in the sand for me all the time
This side loves you and this side is bullshit.
Always he is right.
I don't always listen but when I see his processes for his art it all makes sense to me.
I realize my work is not in my personal life but in my messages in art.
I have to exercise all my gifts and make a difference.
David at the portrait gallery this Thanksgiving is my inspiration for my art to manifest.
To move my energy and stay clear of those whom don't care or value my passage in this lifetime.
Artist need patrons often unless they are trust funder's.
Help your friends and the love that comes back to you in art is beyond a bank of bills that can't love you. Help our artist friends this year...pick one and support some aspect of their work.
Buy a print. When is the last time you supported an artist pal, by purchasing a print?
Step up if you can.

I am inspired and I think I will do that next time I see David.


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