Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eleanor Preger Testimony

Saintario Artist; Nicholas Herrera at home in El Rito NM

Kristin Diener; Artist/Jeweler shares her lovely trinkets that are museum pieces while being a subject for Eleanor w workshop week.
Up close and personal with David Michael Kennedy Artist/Photographer - El Rito NM

Photographer Kyle Zimmerman graciously sits for Eleanor at her studio and at home.

Laura Flick models for Eleanor at home with her partner and favorite guitar

Eleanor working with Tommy Hicks, owner of the Shidoni Foundry

Eleanor Preger photographing artist Rick Allred and his kitty in Santa Fe NM

My Workshop With Karen Kuehn

As a photography enthusiast, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, contacting Karen Kuehn for a workshop.
I approached her because I had done a few landscape workshops & wanted to expand my horizons to photograph people & learn about lighting & composition. When she said I could get from A-Z in a more rapid process doing a one on one workshop, she wasn't kidding. The bonus was I had no idea I was going to spend the week w/ such a warm, unique, conceptual, upbeat, unusual, interesting, intuitive & beautiful woman.
I've admired her work for the past two years. She has been given a gift with people photography.
She cuts to the chase to do soulful images that really tell a story about her subjects.
This is not easy for most. She opened a lot of doors and gave me many tools to manifest better images
and experiences. I loved the different photo opportunities she created for me. Priceless!!!!
Karen assessed, listened & acknowledged my wants and needs. Karen was able to read between the lines & stretched my abilities, then back off & let me be. I would never do less than a five day workshop. Karen is committed & give so much information to teach & share, one would be robbing themselves of a once in a lifetime experience w/ you, the High Priestess of Photography.
Group workshops are fine, but a one on one workshop with Karen is the best bang for the buck.
Thank you for widening my path for my photography future.
Karen will definitely be a part of it. I look forward to my next session.

Eleanor Preger

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