Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"An average person can be extraordinary, but if you have no guts you can't be ordinary!"

-Buck the Horse Whisperer

Show Time Folks 
Caught this flick tonight and my love of real people certainly is confirmed when you watch a person with a good heart handling a wild animal.  Sets the bar high. Animals as well as people get nuts, when abused. An unruly horse in this flick was deprives of O2 upon birth as if that was really the issue.  The owner had 18 stud horses!!! Let s say the word INSANE.  If an animals is born with a disability, not unlike a human it needs TLC love...kindness.  The sort of behavior exhibited in the photo below (horse attacking a human) is extreme and rare.  
Animals only act like that if someone is taking a 2x4 to em.

Abuse breeds too!!!
Horses are "PREY" animals...they don't normally go after humans.
This cowboy just met this horse this day, no harm no foul.

Buck says horses are a complete reflection of their owners.
Pheww...that would make me a milk shake; yummy and smooth.
Inspiring flick....Buck is super skilled rider, roper and trainer.... He has all the moves down cuttin a cow and the dressage at the end showed some fancy foot work, made me want to pack it up and go to work for him.
I'd rather have a horse under my seat than a car any day of the week.

A Horse Trainer Recommend for Learning about riding
John Lyon has videos on line, very helpful for non riders.

A must watch, terrific movie right up their with Temple Grandin's docudrama by Clair Danes.

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