Monday, January 30, 2012


Ryan McGarvey
lots of links to hear Ryans music on You Tube

 Flash on camera is a basic item that most folks have and don't know how to use.
When Ryan posted his show he told me that there was NO light in the venue.
Stage light is always present and I figured I could work off the band lighting and make some images that they could use for posting the show at Low Spirits venue.

A No Brainer
First just put your camera on the flash setting in your menu.
For some of you just open the flash.
The trick is if its too light than take your aperture and shut it down say from 3.5 a washed out feeling to f22 if your right on top of the subjects.
You may have to vary it pending the dark or light of the images...with digital cameras its a cake walk.
Set your speed 250 or 800, the higher the more "noise" you will have in the images...but sometimes it feels like a cool grain treatment and can be textural when enlarged and rather nice.  
Play with it. I like information in the files so I can at the very least subtract later I post if I don't like it.
Most likely it will be the smaller aperture setting for this technique of flash and using the natural lighting.
l.  Flash is working, fresh batteries always a plus
2. Take a picture with out the flash to see what the natural light is doing?
If its dark just open your shutter speeds....slow it down to 4 sec and let it drag and be blurry.
Once you get a saturation that isn't too washed out you add the flash element and its called 
Flash blur or ambient, drag your shutter speed...its all just a technique for making images in a dark situation.
Than I either move the camera, you can script with it and do doodles or move your body in and out of the frame.
Another idea is to use your zoom lens and flash than zoom.
Super easy and fun to do and makes for salvaging a dark night out into images that seem energized.
My main mantra is to Have Fun.
Make sure that you have permission from the bar and subjects to get pics and not to offend the customers and the entire evening for the crowd.
I usually try to cover a few songs and lay back than return for a few more images, guitar changes and so forth. Be considerate.
Flash is a bit annoying for some people but boy you can cover a jukebox joint that is happening and have stunning artistic images in some locations.
Make an artist endevor if you can and sometimes it's just a great night out with your name at the door comped for you and your pals.

Rock On
 Flash f22 @ 4sec mixing flash and natural

 natural hand held

 natural slow exposure more painterly
 the lights natural felt 70s Hendrix like

 Passing your camera around can be interesting too.
Flash blur

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