Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dan Stoner

She's Got Your Back.

"Karen Kuehn is one of the greatest living portrait artists of our generation. Now, I say that without hesitation and with twenty years experience of hanging my ass out there as an art director, creative director and publisher. See, here's the thing: in an overly-saturated world of professional photography, there are surprisingly few real artists who know how to not only manipulate light, but the subject's soul in the pursuit of making a photograph. That's right – I said "making," not "taking." Taking a photo is for camera phones and frustrated hipsters who never got the band back together. Making a photograph is for artists like Karen who bleed for their craft and care about the work and die a little each time the shoot wraps and know how to actually make a print, for chrissakes.

And, while whoever thought that making a photograph could be combined with commercial endeavors to sell shit should be strung up and beaten, I will say that my career in that very pursuit has been made successful in no small way by Karen's professionalism, understanding and mastery of that horrid mash-up. I've trusted Karen with million-dollar relationships and labors of love – all of which she's treated with the utmost respect while producing nothing short of arresting, memorable work.

While the world needs more Karen in it, I don't know if it deserves as much. I think Karen and her work should be a rare experience reserved for those who've earned it and will be the stewards of it. But we should all strive for the opportunity."

Dan Stoner

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