Monday, December 17, 2012


Bettie is at least a 10-15 year commitment.
Pets as GIFTS ?

Lets save an animal from the shelter.
Seems like a good idea right?
Its only good if the soon to be owner is able to commit to the facts.
l.  A pet can cost you anywhere from 4000.00 and up a year.
Teeth cleaning 
( a common neglect of pet owners to have their animals teeth cleaned)
Cute items
Emergency care if needed
Our country is experiencing a surge of abandoned animals in all sizes.
In my county alone they are dumping dogs, cats, even horses are being turned loose on the Mesas where water can not be found.  The stories are horrific.
Please if your going to gift a pet, do it with a certificate and let the that person one pick the pet they want and make sure they are stable enough to take on an animal for its lifetime.
Pets are live breathing beings.
It's not fun to be discarded. 
America is killing thousands of animals daily.
Spade and neuter your pets
Animals need our concern not more breeding.
Plenty of them at the pounds that are going to be destroyed.
Not a happy topic but one that needs more attention.   
Local shelters need animal toys and blankets, food and donations.
Pitch in to the one near you.
Walk a dog, volunteer a few days a month.
If your a photographer you can shoot pics to help them get adopted.
Karma is Yours for sharing the LOVE.

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