Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The Woolstenhulme Tim & Bettie Ann
I met this couple when I was a US Park Ranger for Yosemite National Park.
  Tim's parents Mazie and Wells became dear friend over the all our lives.

I even kept one of my horses near Mather Ranger Station in a place called Ackerson Meadow.
Land they owned and used for feeding cattle.  The Great Grey Owl was sighted their often with research friends.
Amazing place to have enjoyed so much in my 20s.  Feels like a dream now.  
  They owned much of the land between Hetch Hetchy Dam and the Big Oak Flat entrance station.
My first season as a Yosemite Ranger I fell in love with a cabin in Stoneman Meadow.

 I stopped one day and asked this old cowboy; Wells, how much for the land and home? Wells asked me if I had a million dollars? I said no but I will start saving now! Both his parents have passed away 
This image was taken on my way home from Burning Man 2009. I drove by and stopped in as the cattle round up was in full swing. I knocked on the door hooting Bettie Ann, you home? And she came right out with big hugs. My self and Michael Christian had a quick bite. I spent a night and had a cowboy breakfast with prayers before dawn.
Just happened to have these prop horses with me. Child hood sweethearts. We engaged in a few shots as we always do.
Enjoy, and if you want to book me give a shout. I'd love to round up some creative imaging for you.
Might sound cheesy to you, but I am a cowgirl who can cut a cow or suit up for photographing CEOs, celebrities or those down to earth folks that live next door.
I was based in NYC for 16 years, from high heels to hiking boots, Carhartt or Prada, it's all the same to me and all good fun.
Thank you. Would love to hear from you real soon.

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