Friday, March 11, 2011


Teddy Roosevelt & John Muir in Yosemite National Park - Glacier Point


Nothing beats a good hike in one of our National Parks, Monument's or BLM land. I support the NPS to preserve land for future generations. Having been a US Park Ranger in Yosemite and Glacier National Parks many years ago I still feel my core energy and foundation for being of service to the planet stems from my time served sharing history and education as an interpreter and LEO Ranger.

In YNP I started as a gate and campground ranger and decided rather quickly to go onward to Santa Rosa Criminal Justice Center to get my commission. My goal was to become a back country horse patrol ranger. I took many classes and put in tons of hours for all sorts of certifications, I was an EMT, LEO CPR Instructor, aerobics supervisor, and the first woman in the history of GNP to become a back country ranger at Cutbank Ranger Station. I was really proud of my skill sets in lifesaving and my tour of duty felt so coveted as I was the first female in this position and I was told if I messed up I'd be the last!

Today I am scooting out to Tent Rocks to hike. When ever I'm needing a break from my duties as a photographer I tend to go directly into nature to find peace and if my head is stirred with details that are really less than pleasant about life this is exactly how to purge the toxic waste and re align one's energy with what is real rather than other agendas that seem futile.

Supporting the US Park systems, State Parks as well is a good thing. If your over 62 I believe your considered for a Golden Age Card that gives you a very low entry fee. Also a Golden Eagle card can save you lots of fees and give discounts for the season if you frequent these areas.

With the current internet one can research all the spots prior but I recommend just people tend to talk story about this and that and hardly ever do they get out in the real world but rather live on there computers for a lifestyle. This will not do ...its an energy sucker. I know.

Bye I have to on a hike now.

"If you think your a great being, go before the great tree and tell it how great you are!"

Chief Shaman Kitpou

Tent Rocks here I come.

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