Wednesday, March 16, 2011

QUOTE by Jorge Salas

My Dear Friend Jorge he's always got my back.

"Last month I got to hang out with Karen during a job in L.A.

For over a decade I have known Karen, I met her back in Miami when I was pretty much a starting photographer.

She flew in with Emmett and Shane, Emmett was not even one at the time I believe.

She was on assignment to shoot the women flying back to Cuba dressed with all kinds of stuff on them that could not fit in their two pieces of luggage...

Karen and I have stayed in touch for a long time and although I do not really assist anymore, it is always good to work with her. She is motivating and her energy really passes on to others, I believe.

The way she approaches things is so refreshing, never feel pressure or stress...

On set, if something is not working she keeps cool, confident, makes things flow, and keeps people happy.

The ultimate results are always amazing, she just makes "beautiful photographs"... I remember some years ago, she said to me " ask that girl to test with you" and tell her that you want to make "beautiful photographs " seems that not only she gives great advice, but she also practices what she preaches, she makes beautiful photographs.

In short, I asked that girl to do some images and we had a great time in the studio and the results were beautiful. I was so motivated after hanging out with her that I shot portraits with my dusty 4x5.

I often travel through Karen's website and check things out... It is inspiring and makes me want to shoot.

She also pushes people like me and others, shares knowledge and is not afraid to give out secrets, she is not afraid to share.

I worked with a lot of photographers while on my assisting years. And I have to say that they could learn from her...

Set manners and kindness makes everyone give their 100%

Once again KK it was great spending time with you ."

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