Thursday, March 24, 2011


Photo by David M Kennedy

Photograph I am holding by Dan
Today Dan and his wife Amy stopped by for a farm fresh meal. Dan and I swapped prints a few summers ago and he was dropping off my print framed no less of the Norton rider from the Bonneville Salt Flats. I love this image and know the feeling only too well. Growing up with six kids and a ton on dirt bikes I can remember having to push a few back to camp. Good times.
I have been trading prints for decades now. Some from re known photographers and other newbies and assistants. I love my collection and as it grows my son will no doubt keep the ones with memories of the artists or the musician that grace our walls. Trading is really the way to go.
It not only gets you an inspiring image but usually a great story to share with future guest.
My home is like an evolving museum full of my friends works of art. This day I was able to share a lovely afternoon with Dan, Amy and my pal David M Kennedy. I love having Dans pic on my wall. Creating a photo bond with my peers is a treat. Thank you so much.

photo by David M Kennedy

Tis my lucky day.

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