Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prayers sent with the setting of the Sun

photo by Todd Koons

By Wicahpi Nayea march 9 2011

Today this prayer came in from Christopher Rowkand artist and friend who has been sending love my way and kindness for some time. I thank him and the author of this piece.

How long can a soul exist, without diving down deep, to replenish it's merciful need for pure love?

Within, without.... How long can a lost soul wander about, laying claim that may preface the story, laced with yesterday's blame... How long can one's soul resist healing from one's inner spirit sharing this human vessel. The soul screams out....Demanding it's repeal on all laws of attraction within the Universe that failed to protect, and serve while that soul was in the infancy stages of becoming extremely relevant. To say we attract that of which we universally, subconsciously submit... Does not apply here. Not when we are without the means to stand guard...

How long can a wounded soul, that bears such a prevalent spirit, commanding attention the moment you come near it.. Refuse to allow the healing to begin? The anger buried deep within, the toxic recipe mixed with sin..Has not ruined this sacred soul, but merely divulged information, that is not so very secret after all.

It should be said many times over, the human soul bears such sacred power. With a GOD given ability to permanently expel our deepest, darkest, most disturbing, and desecrating emotional demons. Should we chose this path, we do so wisely, with extreme graciousness, and humility.. For each step, in every stride, we take the ride that leads us only forward day by day. This Is the gift, the rebirth of the human soul, a new beginning, to take back control, as it reaches out to dance once more.. with the beautiful spirit that will lift off... and soar...

Together, reunited, they seek out a new dawn, to abolish the past.

Healing and love is the song,... sung in the key of true forgiveness.. Make it last....*

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