Friday, September 16, 2011


Look The Part - Be Professional

I am often asked what do charge? Charge as much as you can.
Intellectual property is priceless if you have a idea and are adding all your creative juices to a clients project. As an editorial photographer I have had free rein to be very creative all of my career. In advertising you get the privilege of working on others ideas usually for a much larger sum to bank. Being flexible is always best. Fees pend on usage, one year, two years, buy outs are of coarse more and editorial is much less. Negotiating is an art for sure and market places vary according to the economic climate.

For new bees who are just learning I want to recommend Blink Bid for forms and
Read PDN and American Photographer and don't under bid yourself. Easy to say but the best way to approach a client is to ask "What is your budget" ... does that include expenses? Figure out the production and ad a fee, don't forget taxes if in state...and you have to pay them and register a DBA; doing business as...

Good luck and don't give it away unless its a pro bono that makes sense to you.

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