Thursday, September 22, 2011

It Takes A Team

photo by Michelle Elloway

Johnny Dodd; Writer, Subjects unmentionable till story posts and Michelle Elloway camera left and dog Nixon

The Gentle Barn Story by Johnny Dodd and myself in California
Editor James Miller for People Magazine

Johnny Dodd

A story can have many leads to fuel it's engine. A writer not unlike a detective gathers all the components and delivers or better yet births a tale.
A writer such as this one; Johnny Dodd gets an assignment from his editor one moment and than another he may bump into someone who is chatting about a random happening, that has the potential to make a difference or just entertain the reader.
A good writer is a curious soul driven by passion and hunger for more information.
Telling stories is like drinking from the fountain of youth, one always is learning and sharing.
It makes you want more and crave the adventure.
Being a writer is not unlike being a photographer.
The main difference is all the gear and insurances a shooter has to have to do their job well, and now including a solid computer system that is portable as well as the studio systems that most maintain to manage files and tech out imagery.
Writers have it made, a recorder, a pencil and an inquisitive mind.
Today I worked on a job with Johnny, he shows up we leave and he's in it thick with the story.
Due to be out in a few weeks.
Oh to travel light!
Seldom do the writers and photographers work together, however I've been assigned to
Johnny's stories twice now and its a super treat to be a fly in the room while a subject is getting interviewed.
Johnny's stories are featured regularly in People Magazine.
Today's story should go to press hopefully in the next two weeks.
Stay Tuned

Heather Wilson & Dori Randall

Another great addition to a shoot is the gals or guys that make a subject look better.
Were talking , no noise and ear hairs gentlemen, sometimes ladies, no shine, a good hair doo, maybe a cut. Both these gals were very helpful, not only hair and make up but grooming as well with clothing and style on sets.
Super nice to have the extra help on a magazine gig.
Not always the norm. I travel with a make up and grooming kit if I'm solo.

( I like to say Associate)
Michelle Elloway

For a photographer the one of the most important people on a shoot is often their assistant.
This person takes on all the gear, driving and lightens the load for the photographer.
I like to be relaxed at shoots, and having to worry about all the extra details takes me away from being as creative. For me I like to work with people who are not only technically sound but usually very versatile in style. If I go into the dregs of East La or a Prison setting and/ or the opposite I have to spruce up for a more opulent situation such as a White House Dinner, I need cto know that my associate can adapt and roll with the scenario.
You don't wear high heels in a boxing ring so to speak.
Michelle is a young photographer who is gaining experience by working with other photographers. I met her at the Santa Fe Workshops last summer and we have become friends.
Her husband is now my dentist and in return I am helping Michelle as much as I can to find her path as a photographer and gain confidence to do her own jobs.
We all help each other and that is how we can make a difference in our daily lives.
To all the assistants that have helped me in my career.
I love you all and send good vibes your way.

Big Thank You 's Always to My Publisher; Time Inc
Photo Editor; Olga Comacho
Director of Photography; Chris Dougherty.
And the subjects that are not disclosed as of yet.

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