Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Native Philosophy

When Our Blood is Split Is it Not the Same?
Blood is is the same.
We are all human, some with more privilege than others...
Entitlement is a rampant concept in America.
I have met the richest and poorest and when I meet someone humble with a pot a gold and he's wearing shredded clothing and could care less about status quo ....that is more real to me than those how hang in the clatche's of
Look at me I'm bitch en bullshit!
I know its good to mingle and work on projects that make a difference this I support but to alienate anyone due to their sexual orientation via adult preference is a bit odd to me.
First off do we need to know your straight or gay.
If you do a great job that is the point.
Prejudices are just that....and outer extension of a formed opinion that says.
I am of this mindset be it in favor or radically oppose!
And Choice in abortion is all about America having freedom.
Too bad adults don't better teach their children birth control options.
Rape is by far the worst for men and women both.
The nuance's of living can be subtle and self fulfilling for many.
Choosing healthy ideas and sticking to what is honest and feels good for you with some regard for others is key. We all human and drama can sink a ship in a second.
Participating in life is part of the journey.
No fairytale here..just real life stuff that is the lessons and path.
Its easy to be critical of others and to play victim be it gay, or straight or just plain old un-happy.
No one but ourselves can make us happy.
Don' t put your happiness in the hands of others.
You will inevitably miss out.
One day at a time....Eckart Tolle s book again I recommend.
Being present is better than hanging on negative concepts that are most likely your own.
Find the good and it will find you.
HBO aired a show about Gays in the military.
I shot a cover for NEWSWEEK of the a gay sailor and they used it in this show.
Naturally I missed the beginning but I did take a few snaps to share in favor of respecting humans right to choose their sexual preference.
As a journalist every day I work for an editor and magazine job its a gift.
I have learned so much about the world by entering the lives of strangers.

KEITH MEINHOLD had served 12 years in the Navy when he outed himself on ABC's World News Tonight on May 19, 1992, to fight the ban. Discharged, then reinstated by a court, he was the first openly gay man returned to active duty. The government chose not to appeal after losing at the Circuit Court level, and Meinhold served for four years as an out sailor before retiring with full military honors.
photography aired on HBO photographer unknown to me.

One World Many Ways.

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