Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have had to wear many hats in the field of photography and one such field is magazine work. Ofter and editor calls you and asks, "hey are you available tomorrow?" This week I am heading to Phoenix AZ on Thursday for one such job. My editor Olga Camacho has assigned me an interesting session with a man that has a health condition of which I can not mention. However it should be on the new stands by the end of the month. I love working and being creative on the spot and in editorial work it commands the photographer to be sharp in senses to go into a strangers home or a location to best tell a story about the subject. I will fly in and myself and an associate/assistant will head to a home where the subjects will be getting some light makeup and I will determine where and how to shoot images of a family, a father and how they are all dealing with his condition.

I feel privileged to work on magazine work that is journalistic in nature as it is up to me to bring back the best story I can for my editors and to also make certain that they have a variety of images not just one shot. Often I do the wardrobe selection and light make up and styling on these sorts of jobs however this one is going to be a bit more prepped so I can focus on seeing and feeling the situation out as I make images with this family.

Every day I travel out of home and go to locations for shoots its a gift, a new face, a new story and so much to learn. Magazine work pays less but pays a tone in Spirit. Magazines are a great place to get your feet wet as a new photographer. Make images for your local magazines and branch out into a more commercial venue when you feel relaxed enough to handle huge productions. Often you can award all the doings of a big shoot to a producer. I recommend utilizing a professional if your in over your head. Remember you want your mind freed up for making images for your client, solving image issues not catering, hair and make up, motor homes and such. I like having my hands off those workings and just keep focused on the art director or editors needs first and foremost. Keep it simple and make everyone comfortable doing images that are appropriate for the subject.

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