Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The three Greek Goddesses of Destiny and Fate.

Otherwise known as the Moirae, these timeless old hags weave the threads of destiny that control your life. The original spin doctors.

Clotho |ˈklōθō| ‘she who spins.’ - TheYoungest of the three "FATES" she spins the Thread of Life that controls your destiny. It's slender and delicate, but extremely tough stuff. You could use it for mountaineering. But sometimes it can get very tangled.  Her Roman name is NONO.
Lachesis |ˈlakəsis|‘obtaining by lot.’ -  She measures the Thread of Life spun by Clotho with some kind of fatalistic tape measure. When she decides it's long enough, her sister  Atropos gets out the scissors and you get snipped. This makes the question 'How long is a piece of string?' rather more important than you might have realised.
Fate reveals that under the Romans she changed her name to Decima.
Atropos |ˈatrəˌpäs| ‘inflexible.’ (the final one)- Oldest of the three FATES.  She's the one who cuts the Thread of Life with her fatal scissors. These are always razor-sharp and there's no danger of split-ends. Her Roman name is Morta,which sounds far more fitting.
All the good and evil that befalls you is woven into your destiny and cannot be altered even one jot. You may find this a little unfair, but it's the stuff of great Greek tragedies.

As the daughters of primeval night deities Errebus and Nyx (though some claim that Zeus and Themis should be held responsible), the FATES control the destinies of all. Even the Gods are subject to their decisions.

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  1. soooooo---what if you don't subscribe to the Greek version of how the universe works???