Tuesday, October 1, 2013


NOTE: In five days over 374 people have viewed the photo edict post featured below.
 I am not on Facebook right now so this tells me a lot.
I have had many people contact me to express missing my posts. 
That my work inspires them and to please return. 
 I am on a project now that needs all my attention and once its done maybe I will reactivate that account. 
 Facebook has been a great medium for fund raising my projects as well as encouraging students to do one on one workshops.
 My blog will have to be the venue for life and work related topics for now.  Seems Facebook wants to own all our images.
Corporate greed and all its trappings I find un-appealing.
 In the mean time living life and working is on the forefront. 
 Thank you everyone for your support and personal notes of gratitude.
I am long over due to create a fine art website so maybe in the new year this can be the project that can sustain a life of making projects and art.
Thank You 
Assignments: 1 505 401-5987

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