Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hunt For Red October
I remember a noon day movie in some obscure mid west town.
My assistant and I had some time to kill and we were the only people in this theater.
We sat up front and the screen was enormous.
A huge submarine making those sounds they do was coming at us.
It was a Tom Clancy film.
We were there and it was like a 3d feeling.
His books can be riveting and you hang on for each moment leading to the next.
He hooks you.
“I hang my hat on getting as many things right as I can,” Mr. Clancy
Years back I was assigned to do his portrait.
I drove into his home with huge foreboding gates in front of us we rang the bell!
Mind you the fences were missing it was just gates.
Arriving to an invitation to shoot guns in his basement shooting gallery.
Yes lets I said!
So fun that day with Tom.  
He was so kind and sweet natured to me allowing me to make images that would soon come to be some of his favorites so I was told.
I am saddened today to hear of his passing.
I guess that is what we do.
He touched man with his masterful skills of story telling.
It was a honor to work with him in his home.
Tank planted in the backyard and my files are filled with many more images of this legend.
Tom Clancy rest in peace.
You were a wild man to me and I am weepy this day to hear your gone.
Sense of humor will always be embraced.
Thank you for the great time shared.


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