Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This weekend I had an assignment with the Travel Chanel.
I want to say that this team was very organic.
Catch as catch can.
Four to five shooters doing live action with Canon 5ds mostly.
I was pulled in to shoot for a car company as well as the show!
Without leaking content and subjects I just wanted to post that sometimes this sort of situation can be a lynching of images as well.
However this crew was so great.
We all played well together and got tons of images for our client.
NO ATTITUDE and really professional kamacazi shoots.
They obviously have a budget for many eyes and I'm happy to be a part of it.
Its a dance to go in and out of a live film shoot.
Sometimes you have to pay attention to the sound guys needs too.
A constant clicking can really mess up there final cut.
Especially in quiet moments shared.
A non union gig shooting a library for the show and vehicle.
Nice to work around pros always.
Thanks to the production company of which I can' t mention.


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