Friday, July 8, 2011

Music A Gateway To Original Imagery

photograph by karen kuehn


Years ago when I was 19 I read a cover article about a photographer named James Woods.
Now the head of the photography program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco CA.
I recall feeling those images as they had a huge impact upon my young mind.
Evoking emotions of humor and weather felt and timelessness.
I loved them so much that thirty years later I still have this article as it was a big part of my creative journey. I applied to the Art Center College of design based on this article.
James Wood was one of the teachers and I couldn't wait to get enrolled in his class.
I wanted to do what he was doing. Be creative.
I felt my mind was parallel with him.
Not even but I was a seedling who would sponge up all knowledge and begin the process of making my mind an athlete and go for the gold so to speak.
What fun. I couldn't believe that I actually had this person as my professor.
One day he came in and played music and had us all write down our visions from what we heard and than go off for the week and manifest those images into photographs.
I was awesome and I have been using this technique to inspire my students ever since.
Thank you Jim you inspire and continue to do so.

As for songs...usually all genres without words work well.
Mickey Hart
Dead Can Dance
George Winston
Miles Davis
All Windam Hill Albums
Jimi Hendrix Bad to the Bone Blues Version
The list is vast dive into international world music as well.

good luck, make this an activity with your kids and friends.
Than share the images.

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