Thursday, July 28, 2011

On The Road

1968 Airstream

If This Vehicle Could Talk?

So many of our friends have stayed in our sweet little camp vehicle.
We traveled far and wide, surfed, camped, visited colleges, seen many National Parks, board games, family trips to the river to boat and water ski.
When I travel we take surf boards, skate boards, computers, mountain bikes and tons of camera gear and some good books of which seldom do we have time to read for being so active.
Often we base out of this rig and it makes for a sweet space to create projects.
A romantic cabana for guest on the farm.
Four star hotel or camp trip.
The later is for me more down to earth and preferred.
My job is full of hotel stays so when we take a break its camping in style.
This rig also is helpful for jobs as a dressing room for styling.


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