Monday, July 18, 2011

My Life is My Art

Carlos Cantreras Poetic Hands for NM Magazine 2011

My artful mind has a way of finding all the good in even the darkest topics.
I live on a farm and travel for work all over the world.
I have encountered some of the grimiest situations behind criminal minds to the most opulent dance floors of heads of State. Breakfast with celebrities, to sharing a meal with homeless hungry runaway's. One such day I am recalling right now was with my associate Andrea Bucci, an amazing person who worked along side me for years. We experienced so many things together from all walks of life. This one day we were shooting homeless people in NYC for Japanese Esquire. One such subject was a man sitting with his hoodie tied tight around his face...just a little hole so he could breath. I stopped and said "Hello how are your today?" He was a quite sort and I said I was shooting this story to help the homeless in NYC. He eventually took his hoodie off so we could talk face to face. His name was Herman and we did portraits, very normal and in documentary style with a 120 camera. By the end of the shoot he asked me if we could hug him. He hadn't had a hug in years. Both myself and Andrea hugged Herman, he smelled of the streets and I think it was one of the more meaningful hugs of our lives. Reaching out to others is key. Taking time for life experiences can set you free from your daily grind. So many friends spend way too much time in their cars on fwy's and on the net. I too do my computer time like most and since I live on a farm I have a lifestyle that is based on growing things and creating rather than hob nobbling around an industry that can consume one to never really have a life but to live on and off planes and vicariously through a voyeur observation. Sometimes you are privy to more but its really on a day to day occurrence pending the connection. I really appreciate all the opportunities that have been parlayed to me over the years and I continue to count my blessings.
This week its hard to say what is up....but farming is substance for my soul.
Photography is a passion
Family, well my kid is about out of here to college and its amazing to see the changes from last year this time to now...he's all maned up ready to go...a completely evolving soul on fire.
I m pretty proud of him as he's working many jobs, saving and taking charge of his life.
Empty nesting is around the corner and that too will be something to experience.
Book publishers are key for my work now and art projects that can make a difference.
California is the motherland for me and the sea is calling so next stop is surfing CA or HI
Jobs come and go....several are on the table and I look forward to those manifesting here soon.
One thing about living country life is that you may work all the time but I am surrounded by nature rather than exhaust and over population.
I loved living in NYC but I don' t miss the smell.
Just the food and all my pals and yes you do have more work at your fingertips when you are living in the urban setting.
Thankful that I can go from high heels to hiking boots in minutes.

Carpe Diem

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