Wednesday, July 6, 2011


7/8/11 on the farm
(by the way these bongos are mine and I swear Ben Harper my favorite musician lost em)
Amazing tone.

Today my son Emmett asked me before the sun went down to hook him up with a few snaps for a casting call tomorrow. No problem, we ran around and cooked up a few things so he could go in with some fresh images for his meeting.
So why not post my pride and joy.
I am the luckiest mom and my son is really beginning to bloom.
College mid August with a music major and minor in physical therapy.
He says he s going to be a famous rock star.
I say WHY NOT!
His song writing and producing is really coming along, age 17 and he's working on logic programs making sounds that merge Disorient meeting The Dead Can Dance.
Very sensual trance songs with vibes the listener can get lost in....and WOW he's on fire.
It wouldn' t surprise me if he D J's at Burning Man some year...
Watch out cuz he's gonna do something huge with his life
I feel it and his dad and I are so very proud.
Thank everybody whom has been a part of his positive processes.
It's our lucky life and he's a gift.

Graced are We for such a loving cool Spirit.

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