Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story by Janus Osiris RedMoon

MY GREETER from Burning Man Evolution, Janus Orisis RedMoon wrote this sweet piece and shared it with me this morning. Its inspiring. I want to share it with my friends to honor his words and feelings about the Goddesses within each of you. Enjoy.

"To my sisters, lovers, friends, and family of my tribe...

I awaken this morning filled to bursting with joy, gratitude, and love for YOU! For who you are to me is nothing short of Divine. Within you I see but one of the countless faces of the Goddess herself, and I realize that the Divine Feminine is not coming back to our realm at this time -- she is already here.

I awaken this morning aflame with a need to express myself to you, to let you know that I sit in humble gratitude for you. I am so very thankful that you have chosen to incarnate at this time, as a woman, to assist in ushering forth the New World. I am fully present to the task you have chosen to undertake: to arrive on this world, as a female, at this time in the ancient future, when the male patriarchal paradigm is in full swing.

By various males in your past (and in many cases, your present), you have been oppressed, abused, violated, dishonored, disrespected... and that's just the tip of the sad iceberg. For all of this, on behalf of all men, I apologize to you. I am truly, deeply sorry for what you have experienced, and I humbly ask you to please remember that in the future, if a man ever treats you with anything less than the respect, dignity, and devotion that you, the Goddess, deserves, please look kindly upon him, for he fails to recognize the divinity standing before him, and he knows not what he does.

I am certainly not trying to seperate myself from my fellow men... for I know, and own, that I have had my moments where I've fallen short in this regard, as well. Please know that I recognize this. If any experiences you've had with me personally have left you feeling anything less than fully honored, please understand that this was not my intention, that I am truly sorry, and that I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

The man I want to be to you is a source of joy and comfort. I want to be a friend that you can count on to share a laugh with, to cry with, someone with whom you know you can share your thoughts and ideas. I want to be a person that you can rely on to be there when you need to feel safe, solid, and secure. I want to provide an anchor for you, a source of grounding for you when your world is swirling madly around you.

The man I want to be to you is someone who will listen to you when you wish to speak, and will understand you when you wish to be understood. When you need a shoulder to lean on, please know that I will always strive to be there, like a rock, or your favorite tree (which you are free to climb, at any time ;o) When you undertake a project dear to your heart, know that you have my full support and encouragement, and when you choose to express yourself creatively, know that I will be there, open, ready, and willing to receive your expression.

It is my wish to be all of these things to you, because I see you. I see you as the radiant expression of the Divine Feminine that you are, and in your eyes I see the spark of love that you have brought here to share with this world, and for you, I am eternally grateful.

Blessings and salutations to you, and thank you SO very much, from the depths of my being, for being a part of my life, and for showing up like you do for me and my fellow men. I love, honor, and adore the essence of who you are.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A thousand times, again and again, Thank You!"

With Love, Janus

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