Friday, January 14, 2011


Lloyd Greene photographing me for his workshop with DMK
photo by David M Kennedy

photograph by Lloyd Greene 4x5

photo by David M Kennedy
Lloyd Greene One on One Workshop 1/14/11

Today David Micheal Kennedy set up an appointment to bring one student; Lloyd Greene to work with me and do some photography. They arrived and we had some vittles and about 1.5hrs to work before dark. Lloyd did his homework and researched my work so he'd know a bit about my character so he could capture a moment in time. It's always interesting to be on the other side of the camera and not be engaged with self portraiture but rather to have a stranger looking and seeing you for the first time. We all have some self image of who we are and what we look like until someone else frames us! We talked and worked and I felt good about being Lloyd's subject. Lets say I live a very private life when I am home on the farm. I usually am not very interested in this sort of thing and I avoid it for the most part. David is a good friend and we help each other with our students and offer up ourselves as part of each others educational programs. Today I feel Lloyd took some terrific shots....did he use the wrinkle filter? God I hope so! This photo session was a very positive experience with a thoughtful photographer.
He had a nice presence and well he smelled know that can turn a photo shoot sour in a second....smell good. Photography isn't just about taking but giving back as well.
It's nice when a man says..."Your a hot babe." And my other pal Chip Simon's was here and he said "hey your normal cloths Kuehn?" boots and wife beaters...501 s.
Today was like a little celebration of Spirit and being photographed on occasion is good for lifting it too.

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