Saturday, January 29, 2011


photo by Shane McConnell on the farm in NM
Yes that is my dark cloth for my 8x10 often my habit!

Birds of a Feather

While attending the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena I met a man named Norman Mauskopf, at the time he was a "white coat" working the lab for the students and possibly picking up a class to teach during that time frame. I did not really know Norman at that time as I was younger and driven by photography and in what was called at the time "Photo Boot Camp".
It wasn't till I arrived in New Mexico when I really cemented my connection with him.
We were both teachers at the Santa Fe Workshops. I really started to pay attention to his work as the books were for sale at the shop on campus. He was a master journalist. He just had an eye for the juicy bits and pieces in his work. Both being curious about each other and holding one an others works in high re guard it was inevitable that we would become friends. Norman has rather a dry humor and a keen eye for evocative moments I highly recommend you check out his website it's about as down to earth as it gets.
He shoots film AMEN.

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