Wednesday, January 19, 2011


People only show you what they want you to know or believe is their public image of themselves.
As a photographer it's important to be thoughtful if you reveal a deeper more transparent person.
The nature of the shoot will determine how far to push the session.

KNOW your Subject.
Arnold Newman's photo of Krupps was historical as it expose the real deal.
Alfred Krupps was a terrible man; a former Nazi slave labor boss he deserved to be exposed as evil.
Arnold read this individual to a "T" and made a huge statement by lighting horrifically.
This is a great example of reading your subject and telling a story.

photography by the late great Arnold Newman

This summer while teaching my "MOJO Rising" workshop at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops I will cover reading people. Facial expression, body language, posture are very revealing about a subject. It's important to see who a person is and to be authentic in sharing a piece of their soul. They may appear sturdy when in fact they could be very fragile. I find from experience whom ever your subject is that often their occupation is where they are most grounded and how they relate to the world stems from this platform they have maintained. Political people often project a public image that isn't really true to form but rather stiff. My job is often to loosen them up and share something a bit friendlier. People with public relation firms always advise them or are on set to make sure they control their clients image. Often you have to court them into a particular concept or idea if it isn't one they created. Now a days a photographer has to jump through more hoops to get a really pure image rooting in personal style. In this coarse I will talk about reading subjects and breaking barriers. When you think you've figured someone out I promise you haven't there is always another point of view and to every light side is a dark side its just a matter of seeing what is appropriate for each situation rendered. Care for their soul and have a kind eye unless your a brutal journalist that shoots for the grit we I will look and explore subjects with all good intentions. We will tell stories and do portraits that show a caring photographer behind the lens. Sign up now before the class fills.
Call admissions at the SFPWS 1 505 983-9248

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