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photograph of stage light while shooting Penn & Teller

Making Art from Your Heart

Rogue ideas usually come from a ROGUE MIND

I have made a career of creating ideas. I am paid for the way I think. The surprises, the johnny on the spot solutions have been the foundation of my life. Some folks are skilled charismatically, verbally, visually, athletically, mathematically, administrative skills and many other talents unmentioned. I have always felt that my forte is intuitive thinking and creating. Why limit myself ? Visionary thinking shows you all the variables. Why be stuck with one idea of what is when you have choice and can choose the best solution for each situation/story.

The mind is much like water it is either a pond that stagnates or a river that meanders along the shores or the ocean with its terrific fiery and glass calm. Every so many waves comes a "ROGUE" wave. It's here where the brilliance shines. My mind is a playground not alway's for me but others of like mind have enjoyed the gems that sprout. For me its never been drug induced to get it to respond. No need for wine or anything more than seeing and being in the world with all my senses.

I teach this in my workshops and its great to see others light up with just a few ideas pondered and shared by experience. Timing can't be is or isn't there. However I am pretty good at exposing it in others with the many projects I've put together for students to tap into the dreams and core energy where individuals have images residing. This is a place I feel exists in everyone, some are just blocked or shut down or off and afraid to be in the live place where change and joy and love expand their soul to be more creative. I love it when my classes have all ages involved, 18 -76 year old people who are curious. Its never too late to see one's own mind.
To be true to oneself and present and connected to one's heart. My class is like CPR for the soul.

When you find your rhythm with another creative its expanse and no matter what occurs this is by far a huge gift, oddly tantric and its really like the ocean undulating a shared energy often unexpected because their s an open heart and desire to be alive with oneself. Its difficult to say why it happens for some and not others but I feel its a familiar spirit that compresses into one. Unforgettable creating is the fire in our belly's. Don't deny yourself and squash it if you've got it.

Everything I touch I do it with a goal of excellence and a natural passion. This is my way, or I just don't do it. It's all connected organically. Be it gardening, mothering, photographing, being a lover or many of the things I enjoy doing. Everyday is new and abundant with feeling in my life.
I don t just look at things simply but with heart I try to find a different and unique point of view.
To be original is always key or to spring board and idea into a new identity and give it a breath of fresh air and a life of its own.

Telling a story is a big part of my image making, be it illustrative or a soulful capture. "A picture is worth a thousand words." If my files could talk ! If I have one shot at it I try to do it so that the public can get a quick read and hopefully I've evoked some emotion and life force in the viewer. I have so many projects in my journals that need funding. And I have never let the lack of money hold me back. I always find a way effortlessly to at the very least chronicle my life. Many images I choose not to share. Often I ask will it change my life if shared, or the subjects life? Good bad indifferent. I try to be responsible and accountable for what I share with the world. As interpretations can be often misread. People who twist things to the dark side don't interest me much. Finding negative in the most innocent images is their trip. Look at Sally Mann; a great photographer of children, hers often were nude and the world was quite critical of her point of view. Perception is half of communication.

The creative mind is the worlds greatest gift. No one ever really knows the real stories behind an artist images unless they have a direct mentor ship or have read the actual words that validate others "ideas". concepts are just ideas....stories within each persons being. The general public likes to put their stamp on it especially if it links them to the greats or some sort of chatter that really isn't who or what the artist is about a large percentage of the time. Artist just make stuff and get lost in it and some sort of internal mojo just has to express itself. Some to make a difference, some obsessive and the speculation will be always at the tips of those who either respect art, teachers, or wish they could be of like mind. No exacts just part of it rather than an observer. Its all human. Everyone wants to be a hero and connected to what is good if their nature is good. Its all good if it promotes art that is valuable. And that is the question. In the eyes of the beholder.

Recently a very bright woman that I camped with at Burning Man stated to me . . .

"Their no absolutes"

This resonates with me and my Buddhist practices. I am more human and less perfect than society would like to dictate. All this is adding up to some sort of artistic expression. Utilizing one's life experiences for art is historically common. Artist don't share everything and somethings are better left to a mental memory. Photography is very personal and sometimes images with stories are better left unsaid. Musing the memories is a derivative of the masters. Places, experiences, and great loves even tragic tales can be quite a pallet for the artist in any medium.

I like to shoot projects with the INTENT. To make a difference and to share them in greater venues. I have an artist heart. Two nights ago my friend Chip was here and he said

" your heart is too passionate and sensitive for the world."
( a very creative thinker

At times I feel it so...I create with great care and sometimes other s are insensitive to anyone but themselves. I understand seclusion and keeping my life private and peaceful it suits me, even thou I can flow in with the more opulent of situations. Propping and posturing is another topic for artist who want or need great recognition. I know who I am as a person and its my gift to continue to make art. I don t need to align myself with anything other than the Spirit that is communicating through my body as a vehicle for messages. Is it me or is it bigger? I don't know but its a given and it comes out of me with ease. So this is my journey continued and its really intrepid.

I channel my life into my art. Reflecting concepts from life experiences is where my art will be going more so in years to come. Getting all my lessons and all the characters and stories are going to find their way to the silver print in time. Older and wiser for the gifts and the observations of others and how they handle life has made me a better person for making art. Biology, the news, humanity are my food for thought as I begin new projects. Share the lesson. Concept 10-20 images, make love and express your gut through your medium. The journey is full of love and vitality even when it pains you. Finding the full cup of love to share. I am a messenger at best. Someones daughter, a mother, a lover and nothing but a warm place for my pups to lay their little heads. Embrace your life with what is good.

"Make your life your art"

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