Friday, January 11, 2013

Art Buyer's McCann Erickson

Snap shot at McCann Art Buying department.
 Wendy Leahy, Andrea Kaye, Sonia Zobel, Amy Siegel Salzman and photographer karen kuehn 

"Karen Kuehn is a true talent. It was my privilege to have worked with her on a multitude of MasterCard "Priceless" ads.

 Her beautiful images helped to bring this iconic campaign to life.
On set her creativity was electrifying and contagious.

 She not only produced images we asked for but always had options we couldn't have imagined. 
Karen is a great photographer, a unique soul, a lovely person and a heck of a lot of fun. She is the real deal!" 
- Sonia Zobel

Art Buyers that made a huge difference in my life.
It started with a phone call for stock for Master Card.  One shot of a boy with a puppy, and a girl in a slip and Andrea Kaye needed a baby shot so I scooted up to the neighbors loft to do a baby portrait.  I wanted to be a photographer that these gals could count on.  I could deliver and as it all unfolded I got to be the main photographer for a very special series of images for this client.
We did about 20 ads as I recall.  Unheard of  at the time.
It was a huge blessing to my family.
An account that I will always feel much gratitude.
Now ten years later I am not in the thick of NYC where ad accounts are awarded more to the locals than the photographers living more remotely.
I am always promoting and trying to get under the radar of the new as well as the seasoned art buyers.
I worked directly with most of the gals and not only did I do my job I learned so much from each of their styles.
I t was my pleasure to work with all of you.
Call anytime
1 505 401-5987
I love  working and forever hopeful to be part of any team.  
 karen kuehn Photographer        

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