Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day Ritual

Sage Your Sacred Space

Started the New Year off with pal Candy.
Farm work, a walk on the Rio Grande, BBQ steak and eggs than off to town to partake 
in a Peruvian Despacho held by Sally in her sacred space.
13 Light Works attending including myself.
Shamanic love held high by all souls prayers and song.
Bay leaves and flowers, lama lard and spice, we all made our offerings.
All the beautiful elements to wish for prosperity in the world.
We prayed for all of you.
We prayed for joy and we got messages for the year.
It will be filled with joy and pain, for change is not easy but essential for growth.
Love energy is not charged with anger and frustration but rather an energy like the 
Dali Lama reflects; joyful with humor and relaxed rather than that of those with venom.
I asked for lightness for all beings, friends and foe.
I with all of you a great new year filled with abundance.
May you overflow with Joy.
Kintus (coco leafs)-My 9 Bay Leaf Offerings


  1. I love sage. We love it so much, it grows all over our yard. The bees love our sage. Who doesn't like sage? Sweet smelling sage. Love it so much we tried burning a bundle of sage indoors to give it that wonderful, sagey smell. Turns out it wasn't such a good idea. We ended up with a house smelling like my dad's old cigars. Must have been a bad batch of sage. Damn it! - Scott

  2. Cinnamon sticks in boiling water is good and always sweet grass for cleansing spaces.