Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Coffee Ever


One of many tasty beans ground at our little home spun coffee shop.
Barry and Laurie have managed to make some of the most flavorful beans for home brewing.  This morning as I sit and check emails I found these funny images posted by friends.  I 've been a big fan of odd humor and even more so my morning ritual like many to sit and really enjoy my first cup of coffee.
Against all nutritional facts its the coffee that fuels my start of each day.
I have gifted many bags of the Mt Pinion.
The Branch Coffee shop has clients all over the world.
Some in celebrity status.
When I go to Burning Man I bring at least 20-30 bags for gifts for my pals.
A sip makes you hum yum...
Bosque Roasters; like a warm friend meeting me at dawn, every day.
You can count on it.
As a photographer whose up early and prone to late nights working.
My coffee of choice.
Many other options as well, here' s the link.


  1. There is no coffee like Kopi Luwak. I won't say it is "The Best" coffee but yeah, it is the most exotic and most expensive coffee of the planet till date.

    Finn Felton

  2. Thanks Finn I am pretty loyal to The Bosque Roasters.