Thursday, January 17, 2013


photograph by karen kuehn NM
"Karen Kuehn is an absolute pro. 
She is the finest photographer I've had the pleasure of working with - ever." 
 Mark Growden
My favorite instrument is the accordion.  After hearing some interesting piece on a friends wall on face book I searched for more of this mans music.  Mark Growden is more than meets the eye...he holds the kitchen sink full of musing his poetic style in lyric.
I was in awe of the textures and humor and yes the darkness of his masterful mind.
I saw that he was arriving to NM for a gig so I contacted him to do a shoot out on the Mesa prior to his show.  It was quick and we got many cool images as he warmed up for the evening event. 

I remember thinking what a cool guy?  And as I read more about him I thought of how difficult it is to make a living performing.  You drive endless miles state to state to get your name and vibe into the world.  Mark is everywhere and yet, not yet a millionaire in the making I hope for him.  Not unlike Tom Waits I find him curious and creative.
He leaves the listener wanting more of his total experience.
Carnival meets the garage on the road.
He also has a great eye for images. We are friendly on instagram where he posts one gorgeous image after the other.  
He's an artist to the core.  I imagine whatever  her touches has seeds creative ambition and very cool results.
Sweeter are the making of images for the sonic musing.

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