Thursday, January 24, 2013


More Dependable Than MANKIND
This baby I purchased for love.
He leaves our farm tomorrow for downsizing has become eminent.
He has only lived with me since 2010
A perfect gentleman he has carried many through the woods.
Never bucked, rolled or had attitude.
Unconditional love of an animal can really embrace you.
He never lies when he looks you in the eyes
You touch his face and his eyes soften.
For this I know he loves me.
And that is why my heart is breaking.
Sunny your soul graced our lives with pleasure.
I have found you a great home for now!
Maybe one day we will reconnect as promised if ever a need!
As I apply for photography jobs globally
Washington D.C.
God only knows where I will be going, cuz I don't.
Farm is as it will be here for us.
But I must move toward the green.
Sunny; true blue and the light of you many felt.
Giving thanks for the gift of you.
Take care of your new momma, she's a good one.
My perfect man.

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