Thursday, January 10, 2013


 photography by karen kuehn

"Along with amazing pictures Karen brings a zeal and lifetime of expertise on her projects. 
She has endless energy and doesn't miss a beat, I remember the laughs and great conversations as much as the work.
 Need ideas? She has tons, and can improve the work on the spot with ease.
 Not to mention she's totally a blast and a beautiful person." - Wes Warren: Art Director

Jorge, Karen and Wes; our Art Director 
TEAM takes a Village is putting it lightly when it comes to making images in advertising.
Thirty years of experience.  I've worked with many art directors on ad accounts. Wes has a strong sense of what he wants and he is super open to your ideas too as a photographer.
Especially if it makes the agency and all involved look great!
Working with Wes was easy and having to piggy back a TV shoot and another agencies needs as well added more details to manage for the end results.
Wes made my job easy as he was able to see the conditions and how I could maximize our times slots and juggling bad weather and multiple people with needs.
Basically Wes is a chill art director, calm, quite and wide awake.
His brain is skipping ahead with ideas...and we sort of just arrive at the same place at the same time.
So fun to feel that energy with another creative. He was so appreciative of me as well.
Which in turn makes a shooter want to produce the very best they can for the project at large.   
I was so lucky to be aligned with him and I hope that we will one day again pull some images together for what we do as a team I feel is of great value.
Many photographers have ego thinking they do it all!
Its never the case when you work on a commercial or even a magazine assignment.
In the case of our health care client
(names unmentioned ad agency request)
We may start with a art director recommend but ultimately the art buyer is the key person that brings a shooter onto a project for review.
In my case Dana Eisenberg; stands with the mane of a lioness head of her pride.
A total pro, quiet and confident art buyer.
Never misses a beat.
Sort of like the head cook.
An Art buyer pulls all the ingredient's to the project and than we all manifest the best image possible.
The teams are fairly big when it comes to doing ad work.
Ad Agency
Art Buyer
Artist Rep or Self
Creative Director
Art Director
Copy Writer
Account Team
Assistants 1,2,3
Digital Tech Team
Hair & Make Up
Extra assistants 
Handlers for kids and animals
You name it and their is a professional on it.
Always a pleasure to have a buttoned up team.
Rebecca; Producer and Dana; Art Buyer in between the down pour.

Weather pending, the show must go on!

 Great Team till we meet again . . .

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