Sunday, July 14, 2013

Burning Man - FERTILITY

Feritlity Book Approved
My fourth book project from attending Burning Man.
I am happy to say its completed and ready to press.
Foreword by Jennifer Raiser
Enjoy the read and images in this series of images taken of old and new friends.
This season I asked one  question to be combined with the photographs of the subjects.
What is the meaning of life?
For me this book was Spiritually an exercise in owning my art, and my space in the world.
I needed to return to the Playa, be the creative I am without having old energy attached to me that dimmed my work.  
I did it and felt this book was created with the generosity of my camp-mates and friends.
It's for you, all of you that grace the pages in this set of images.
Thank you so very much.
A few spreads to wet your appetite and the link to this project.
ENJOY the meaning of many lives. 



  1. Well done photographs. I am planning on attending my first burning man next year. What program or company did you use to put your book together? What sort of camera gear do you use? Finally, any advice or tips for a first time burner?

  2. James all camera gear I use gets trashed. I have tried to use those protectors. So tape off the areas that you can to keep dust out it is like cake flour on the Playa. Thanks to a former student Eleanor Pregger I now drop all my gear off to CAMERA CLINIC in Sparks NV . Well worth having Steve handle my gear and send it back to me at a later date. He's great and the gear is good as it gets after that event. 1 775-829-2244
    Its not the gear its the person that makes the choice for the look and the way one sees and creates. The question is why are you taking photographs and what will you do with them and how can they make a difference. Photographers who are working egolessly make a difference.