Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Pitts

Digital Image by karen kuehn

Last week I reached out to the editor of Rolling Stone.
I needed a favor!
I wanted to shoot with Kid Rock for a project being curated here in NM.
20 photographers covering many aspects of this region.
The photography editor contacted Kids agent (keeping name private) and they basically said he isn't a fan of photography shoots!  I get it. I was told no; however knowing that Live Nation would most likely have a photographer comping their time for the event I reached out again with logic and about 7 hours till the concert call and I got an email saying you can shoot the first three songs.  YEAH!  I was so happy to get this permission.
My goal was to do a shot of him with the fans but once in the pit you can see that isn't likely to happen, due to the said placement of media.
 The sun has set and the stage lights mostly shine on the talent.
I was shooting wide lenses as well with digital and 120 film camera and a Hassleblad panorama.
Pit shooting is tough are so limited and when you know the talent often they play to the camera.
Kid gave all of his energy to the audience at the Isleta Journal Pavilion.

Each venue has rules and for me a first was to hand over my gear to a security kiosk in between shoots.
Shooting 25 years now wow I was a bit taken back.
Much has to do with the talents wishes to perform and not have cameras in there face understandably.  
I shot some digital but mostly 120 B&W.  I hope the negatives are thick enough.
Digital Image by karen kuehn
Digital image by karen kuehn
A lot of heart in this man.
One of the things that touched me most about this show was that the Shiners were selling CDs.
  Kid is a big contributor.
Right On
Digital Image by karen kuehn
Pit shooting may not be ideal but sometimes its better than nothing.
And sometimes amazing things just happen.
Just say yes and go for it.
I always believe that shooting is like being an athlete.

Keep exercising your eyes. 
It was killing me that I couldn't run around and shoot some of the fan base.
One guy had one leg and he was dancing up a storm.
Looked like a Vet to me.
I had many moments to just people watch and it made me think as a journalist.
Many people had the "best night ever."
Me it left me wanting more.
I was dreaming in my head about adding to his show.
A horse on stage that was of coarse not freaked out!
A flame thrower for a song would be insane.
And that is the way I think....creative on the edge.
I'd love to work with him for a tour.
Kid if your reading...hint hint.
Instagram/verizon phone image by karen kuehn
I got my swagger on and loving my Kid Rock on TOP.

"the mule keeps kickin and the chickens in the pen"
Kid Rock
(first song lyric just rocks your booty...having livestock and chickens makes it a fav)

The Chickens in the Pen

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